As Environmental Geologists, we understand that environmental issues are a significant concern  for nearly everyone involved in business today. From avoiding liability during property purchases and corporate mergers, to coping with regulatory enforcement actions to controlling costs and media coverage during a spill event, those charged with management have to navigate through a maze of  challenges. At both the state and federal levels, government regulatory agencies are taking an aggressive approach to enforcement.  Fines, fees and prosecution have become a source of income in a time of lean budgets Adding to the problem, is finding the right people to provide sound advice and appropriate services. The wrong advice leads to the wrong outcome.  The  potential costs can be staggering.
We help our clients not only meet regulatory obligations and manage impacts from release events, we also help them find opportunities. Sites with contaminated soil or ground water can often be opportunities to reclaim and reuse at a profit.
We consult, we assess and we remediate.  And we do it at the least cost possible.